The year that was...

There's something about watching the sun shine fluidly over the waves that slowly build up, hang in there for just a fraction of a second, then crash, foam and recede, that gets one thinking about the nitty-gritties of life. Now, I'm no philosopher or poet but I can't help being forced to reflect on time gone by when the year comes to an end. Tumultuous year, this one's been, with lots of twists and turns. Getting past the boards and entrances, all the hard work put in, getting a college of my choice, not getting to keep some people I desperately wanted but also meeting a batch of absolutely crazy new friends...yeah, it's been an eventful year. I'm thankful for all that I've been given, heartbroken about the things taken away, but one thing I've learned is for sure: Life goes on. We move on. Go more places, see more things. Learn to forgive but never quite forget... Yeah, life goes on. Things change. But a few will always stay the same... Fare thee well…

Lumia FTW \m/

Yes, stolen from some random place on the web(but then, isn't everything?).
However, is allegedly authentic!
This picture would make HTC and S III users who've been going on about how absolutely wonderful their handsets are and how Nokia has just "lost it's touch" and"become incompetent" run and hide.
Bloody brilliant autofocus, that.
The iPhone 5, too, holds it's placethanks to it being...well, Apple.
But, still.

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Give the girl...oops, guy...a break!

Why is everyone hell-bent on proving a talented young man to be gay, juvenile and (seriously??) female?!
I mean, I know he's not the best singer there is...and yes, his voice was kinda girlish earlier, but EVERY GUY'S VOICE WAS LIKE THAT AT SOME POINT OF TIME.
I'm not a fan of his, but I don't hate him either. Fine, some of the jokes based on him are pretty hilarious, but the other are just plain mean. C'mon, give the guy a break.
I may feel that a certain boy band with adorable members may have better songs than the guy in question, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a "directioner" or a "non-belieber". That means I'm just choosy about my music.
girls, grow up.
And guys, stop being bullies.
Give artists the credit they deserve.

Thou must hurt thy lover

The people you love the most are the ones who end up hurting you like crap...
And I'm not talking about one-sided'm talking about normal, good relationships...
Whether it's your closest friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or parents, when they say something sharp, it'll hurt you way more than if it had been said by someone less important to you...
Oh, love hurts alright...there's no denying that...
But then, I guess life would be pretty boring without all the ups and downs, wouldn't it? Normalcy is so monotonous after a while...

Entrance Exam Blues

Life is such a bitch sometimes :-(
Seems like hard work doesn't pay off..
You get 96% and you STILL don't get a college of your choice?!?! It's madness...
Delhi University doesn't have reservation for Delhi students...other states have around 10% seats for outsiders, sky-high cut-offs and a further reduction in the percentage for people like us...
Where are we supposed to go?! What the hell are we supposed to do?!
Mr. Kapil Sibbal, DO SOMETHING!!!
On top of that, people are pathetic..
You care for them, think about them 24x7 and they don't even have the decency to call up once in a few days...and then they say you're taking them for granted :-/
Others pretend to care for you, love you, even, say you know them best and that they don't know what they would've done without you and then they go calling you a whore on facebook (-_-)
Seriously, what is the world coming to??
It's each for himself out can't trust anyone these days...


Hey :)
I'd like to start with something know, first post and all...
I've been pretty occupied with college admissions lately...and have realised, they're so irritating!!
I mean, first of all, there's an absolute lack of seats. The competition's horrible. The student to seat ratios are simply crazy. There are so many entrance exams. Almost every college seems to have one for itself.
Secondly, reservation. I'd only heard about it until now and, now that I have to face it, it seems so unfair! Which is quite ironic, considering it was implemented for just the opposite purpose i.e. to make allocation of seats easier for people with less facilities and what not. However, all it seems to be doing these days is making it harder for people of the general category to get into good colleges. It's such a headache, I tell you. Why does everyone seem to be out to make things harder for students??
Lastly, there comes the question of college rankings. …