Hey :)
I'd like to start with something know, first post and all...
I've been pretty occupied with college admissions lately...and have realised, they're so irritating!!
I mean, first of all, there's an absolute lack of seats. The competition's horrible. The student to seat ratios are simply crazy. There are so many entrance exams. Almost every college seems to have one for itself.
Secondly, reservation. I'd only heard about it until now and, now that I have to face it, it seems so unfair! Which is quite ironic, considering it was implemented for just the opposite purpose i.e. to make allocation of seats easier for people with less facilities and what not. However, all it seems to be doing these days is making it harder for people of the general category to get into good colleges. It's such a headache, I tell you. Why does everyone seem to be out to make things harder for students??
Lastly, there comes the question of college rankings. Which one's the best? Which one out of two is better? How do we know which ranking to follow if every one is different, particularly for engineering colleges?! If you have any idea about this, do comment :)
That's it for now...will post again...this time probably about the lack of infrastructure in whatever college I get into :D


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