Entrance Exam Blues

Life is such a bitch sometimes :-(
Seems like hard work doesn't pay off..
You get 96% and you STILL don't get a college of your choice?!?! It's madness...
Delhi University doesn't have reservation for Delhi students...other states have around 10% seats for outsiders, sky-high cut-offs and a further reduction in the percentage for people like us...
Where are we supposed to go?! What the hell are we supposed to do?!
Mr. Kapil Sibbal, DO SOMETHING!!!
On top of that, people are pathetic..
You care for them, think about them 24x7 and they don't even have the decency to call up once in a few days...and then they say you're taking them for granted :-/
Others pretend to care for you, love you, even, say you know them best and that they don't know what they would've done without you and then they go calling you a whore on facebook (-_-)
Seriously, what is the world coming to??
It's each for himself out there...you can't trust anyone these days...


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